Apoem, Sweet cleansing oil

Hreinsiolía fyrir allra minnstu kroppana. 

Verð6.700 kr

Gentle cleansing oil for delicate or sensitive skin types.

The most delicate skins deserve the best skincare. The bath time can be used to reinforce the natural skin defense, providing nutrition and comfort.

Aròma-therapy: low aromatherapy, allergen free: based on the fragrances of vanilla and almond, a sweet, yet allergen free combination for the most delicate skins.
Phyto-therapy: fermented olive oil, lavender, chamomile and rosemary: emollient, nourishing and relaxing extracts.

Vegan – 99,4% Natural by ISO:16128  – Eco-Friendly – Cruelty Free – ingredients of Natural Origin – Gluten Free – Pregnancy Friendly – 100% of ingredients approved by any certification.