Apoem , Replenish glow mask

Endurnýjandi andlitsmaski sem verndar og endurheimtir náttúrulegan ljóma. Reykelsi og rósmarín veitir arómatísk áhrif. 150 ml.

Verð7.900 kr

A revitalising facial mask that protects and recharges your skin to restore its luminosity. Warm and simple, yet unforgettable, you will long to use it again and again. Its aromas of incense and rosemary are reminiscent of tender family moments forever engraved in your memory.

Aromatherapy: incense & rosemary, antiseptic and wound healing, reduces symptoms associated with anxiety and stress.

phytotherapy: olive, pea, holy thistle & soybean, nourishing, anti-dermatosis, antioxidant, free radical neutralising and skin protecting properties.